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West Middle School

The site for the school, in Hartford’s Asylum Hill, is quite constrained. In order to provide adequate recess areas for students, a rooftop play area was created, the first ever in a Hartford school. Also located on the site are faculty parking, an early-childhood play area and a large entry plaza at the new entrance to the building.

The renovation of the existing buildings was quite extensive, including restoration of several construction types and details. The cupola on the Georgian portion of the building will be fully restored, including custom-turned replications of missing elements. The Romanesque portion requires extensive brownstone restoration, and the Victorian portion requires excavation of a lower-level floor slab with related foundation underpinning in order to proved a new, comfortably proportioned cafeteria.

An atypical element of the project is the inclusion of a public library branch, which also functions as the school’s library, within the building. Overlapping circulation paths needed to be carefully considered in order to safely accommodate both functions.

The West Middle School is projected to be occupied in December of 2015.


City of Hartford




Projected completion November 2015