Montessori Magnet School

The Montessori Magnet School is one of three schools, an elementary, middle and high school, constructed as part of the Learning Corridor. It is the centerpiece of a neighborhood revitalization effort initiated by Trinity College and carried out by the Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance.

Smith Edwards McCoy Architects designed this 58,000 square foot School facility to serve 320 elementary school age children from Hartford and surrounding towns. The design of the school is based on the principles and philosophy of Montessori education. Two stories of classrooms, designed as “houses for learning” are arrayed around an outdoor learning space. All classrooms have easy and direct access to the learning Center off of an “interior street.” Larger assembly, art and music, and recreation spaces are located off the main entrance corridor, and are available for off-hours community use.

The project received a Design Award from AIA/CT in 2002.


City of Hartford




Completed 1999

Montessori Entrance

Montessori Rotunda

Montessori Courtyard

Montessori Gymnasium

Montessori Detail